Saturday, July 30, 2011

America Flag At A Camp Site at Sunset

Final Edited Photo

Before Editing

I set out to find new spots to take sunset photos, actually following the setting sun. I found an area on Collins Brook Rd, Meredith, discovered lighting on a American Flag hung on a garage in a camp site caught my eye and I knew I had to work quickly before I lost the light. 

I shot a few photos and returned home to edit. What I found was the flag mounted on an garage and behind the flag steps of camp (bungalow).  I cropped played and sent to my friend
Charlie Loy for his suggestions and review.
*He did not like the square crop but if I do keep it.
*The building needed to be lighten (he did not realize I was trying to camouflage the garage.

I started again re-editing. 

*I took Charlie's advice about square photo. Change  vertical instead, encompassing the sun.
*Lighten the building but cropped leaving a panel of the garage door looking like a door of camp house. Lighten the building slightly for definition.
*Cloned out the steps behind the flag.

I was challenge again by Charlie and his comments helping me to perfect an image and raising my work standards, I am very proud of the outcome.  I need to follow his advice more often :)


RoseAnn said...

Hi Bet, you did good. I love how your persevere. Love the image.

Betty said...

Thanks Ro had fun learning :).