Thursday, March 25, 2010

"Tap It" (Ben's Sugar Shack)

Ben Fisk, owner.

Ben's Sugar Shack

Joe, Ben's friend and employee, explaining how they make Maple Cream and candy.

Oh they tap it :), 8,000 Sugar Maple Trees.

All month Sugar Maple sap is running for our Maple Sugaring industry. We have been visiting different New Hampshire sugar houses.
Last weekend, we located Ben's Sugar House, 83 Wester Hwy, Temple NH. Arriving at Ben Fisk's sugar house, his grandmother was out side taking a break, she introduced herself, telling us how proud she of her grandson Ben.
Ben is a 21 year old young man who started up his maple sugaring business. Joe, one of his employee's/friend gave us a very informative tour. We were very impressed with how well his maple sugaring business is run. Ultimate and creative businessman!! He taps 8,000 sugar maples trees.
They not only make maple syrup, maple candy, maple cream, Maple Cotton Candy and sell many other products. He has a blog, Ben's Sugar Shack Blog offering update information about sugaring plus recipes. You can also find him on Facebook
Ben has a second location Sweet Maples Sugarhouse, 694 Route 103 Newbury, NH 03255


Anonymous said...

Awesome article!!! Ben's Sugar Shack is the best! He has the best maple candy maple syrup, and maple fudge ever!!!! I am going there this weekend to try all his goodies.. like maple whoopie pies and sour cream maple pecan bread! Yum.

Anonymous said...
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~RED~ said...

I didn't make it there today, but hopefully tomorrow, i am the owner of the recipes for Sour Cream Maple Pecan Bread, the Maple Pecan Cheesecake, the Apple Braid...
Loved the blog!!!!!

Betty said...

I tasted your recipes....OMG they are so good.