Friday, March 19, 2010

Maple Sugaring at Heritage Farm, Sanbornton, New Hampshire

Heritage Farm, Sanbornton, NH

Tapping a sugar maple tree
Boiling down the sap from Sugar Maple Tree

Different grades of syrup

Taps, sap bucket.

Cool nights, warm days indicates the start of maple sugaring season. The lack snow this year I found helps the flow of the maple sugar trees allowing the sun warm the roots of the trees.
Collecting the sap, boiling watching the procedure is so much fun. One my favorite places to visit, Heritage Farm, in Sanbornton, NH. You are able to watch the making the maple syrup. Enjoy a delicious home style breakfast, served with special touches, farm fresh eggs, home grown home fries and local bacon, topped off with Heritage Farm's fresh maple syrup.

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