Monday, May 11, 2009

My Meeting With Moose Man, Rick Libbey

Moose Antler

Nature Photographer, Moose Man, Rick Libbey

My first bull moose photo

I would like to share a little information about my lack of wildlife successful photography. I have searched for moose for almost 16 years to photograph. Two years ago I finally found not one but three moose in one day thanks my wildlife/bird photographer friend Donna. Bird photography I am becoming better at, a good lens helps 100-400 Canon.
Last weekend we read an article in a New Hampshire magazine about the Moose Man including a few of his awesome moose photos. As luck would have it, he set up a booth at Franklin's Spring Fling Day. Talk about excitement, I could not wait to meet him!!! Someone I could finally talk to about photographing moose, a professional!!! Rick Libbey was so nice, spent time talking to me, sharing a local spot where I might find moose, information about Moose, what to look for, feeding spots, how not to scare the moose away once you spot.
Check out his site for his pictures (outstanding), note cards, jewelry and book are for sale. Men have a pin up calendar, I have Rick's moose calendar hanging up in my office <<>>.

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