Friday, September 05, 2008

Sugar Maple At Shaker Village

Sugar Maple at Shaker Village.  I love the texture of the bark and think about the history of the old tree must have seen over the years.  I wonder how many young children climbed, sat under the old tree.

 Old Tree At Shaker Village  by you.

Black and White

Old Tree At Shaker Village  by you.

My sister and her family were visiting us last weekend.  We visited  Canterbury Shaker Village - Home Check the site and you will learn about the interesting histor of the Shakers.


nhd106 said...

That's just great betty...I too love textures like that.  I love how you captured it!


cmishvicki said...

Betty, what a great tree! I love the texture of the bark, too...which really shows much better in the color version. Wow...makes me wish I were a kid again so I could climb up into those branches!!!

eyesbaerle said...

What an amazing tree........ full of stories!
Great pictures! Love the color version. Hugs, Maria

psychfun said...

It looks like one of the trees in The Wizard of out it may start throwing Apples at you!

geocachelinda66 said...

Random clicking led me to you and I am glad!  Added you to favorites!  Linda

fasttrack58 said...

That's a great old tree!!
Linda :)