Friday, September 26, 2008

NEPE Meet: Newburyport, Massachusetts

Newburyport by you.

Newburyport Street  by you.

Newburyport, MA, by you.

Our Meetup: New England Photo Expeditions, first stop, last weekend was Newburyport, Massachusetts.  Newburyport has a scenic waterfront, old architecture homes and buildings restored. The town offers culture, fine art, antiques shops and a shopping paradise.  You can also take a self guided walking tour.

We enjoyed a leisurely, delicious lunch before heading out to Plum Island. Norman our host for the day did a wonderful job organizing a perfect day.



cmishvicki said...

Beautiful photos, Betty. Sounds like a perfect day!

mariebm56 said...

That last photo is picture perfect!
Lovely shots!

oldetownephotos said...

Luv the boats ( you knew that ) but especially like the last image with the impact, colors, composition and quality.  You got 'em all.
Olde Towne Walk-about

rbrown6172 said...

i think the photo meets sound like such fun!!  i wish there were some around here.  your pix are all lovely, but i really like the top one.

inafrnz247 said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the meetup, Betty ~ Wish I had the chance to join you on more of them.  Of course, i'll be glad when my camera is fixed and i can simply shoot period!

Love and Hugs,

hollistergirlx1 said...

You should come to Duxbury Massachusetts. BEAUTIFUL place!
great shots!!!

eyesbaerle said...

Great pictures! Love especially the 2. one. I am sure you had an amazing time. Thanks for posting. ~ Maria

vbonalesmd said...


Great photos!  I am playing around with a new program and invite you over to come take a peek!  I still "lurk" from time to time and enjoy your journal even if I don't drop a line...