Sunday, August 10, 2008

Jersey Shore Scenic's Shots

Dad and Daughters Fishing  by you.

Cape May Trail View  by you.

Cape May Pond  by you.

Pathway to Morning Fog Inlet by you.

Egret by you.

Our friends Albie and Nadine live near Cape May, the southern tip of New Jersey.  Cape May a scenic, Victorian town.  This visit we did not have the time to walk the town but I managed to take a few scenic's shots.


midwestvintage said...

 Great shots.  love the last one


rbrown6172 said...

very scenic!

sugarsweet056 said...

Beautiful pics!
Have a good wkend.

oldetownephotos said...

What a tranquil set to wake up to this morning.  I hope reading the newspaper doesn't spoil the mood.  Maybe I'll just get a cup of hot tea and browse again.  The news can wait.

cmishvicki said...

Betty, Lovely shots and very different from the kind of images I get up here in central Jersey. Thanks for sharing them.

dbp2000 said...

Great shots! So peaceful.  Love the swan shot especially.


nhd106 said...

I was JUST talking about Cape May yesterday with an artist who created some beautiful paintings from scenes there.    You created a few beautiful ones yourself there!  We've stayed at a B and B there.

inafrnz247 said...

Oh, yes...  You've captured the beauty quite eloquently here.  I love the foggy shots and the swan.  Very serene and peaceful.  

Someday, I hope to return there.  For now, I'll enjoy your beautiful photos and relive the memories... ;o)

Glad you're enjoying your summer!

Miss you ~  Chelle

fasttrack58 said...

How beautiful!!
what a wonderful place to visit....
Linda :)

mariebm56 said...

I haven't been on the journals for a few weeks, turned off my alerts til the end of the summer.  But I see I missed so many beautiful shots.  Nice lighthouses below, but these shots above are just lovely.  I love the top one with the children fishing with their dad....or it just looks like that.  The fog in the background makes this photo.


hollistergirlx1 said...

these are just wonderful. i lived in NJ for 3 years...but inland. not as beautiful as what you've captured here.

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