Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Battery Potter, Sandy Hook, NJ

Battery Potter, Sandy Hook, NJ by you.

Battery Potter, Sandy Hook, NJ by you.

Bob and I met CmishVicki and her husband Lou for a short visit and really nice lunch...perfect day.  Vicki took us to Sandy Hook for way too short tour, I want to go back and explore the area in detail. 

I have posted my pictures of Sandy Hook Lighthouse, another scenic area was
Battery Potter. Located at the north end of beautiful Sandy Hook, Fort Hancock served in coastal defense until 1974. Sandy Hook, a six-mile sandbar peninsula reaching into lower New York Harbor, was a strategic site for both navigational and defense purposes.


cmishvicki said...

Betty, it's nice to see one of my favorite places being featured on your blog. For this image, I prefer the color version because of the grass growing up to the roof of that battery. I think the effect is lost a bit in the monochrome version. Just my opinion...because both are really great! As for returning to explore Sandy Hook more fully...let me know when!

nhd106 said...

How nice for you to have met yet another blogger!   Nice pics too...I also prefer the color.


radar446 said...

This scene looks particularly interesing.  It has succeeded in grabbing my attention, that's for sure.


Anonymous said...

where on sandy hook is this located?