Friday, April 13, 2007

Weekend Assignment: Take a picture of your local weather. Spring Snow in NH.

(Remember to click on the image to enlarge)

John assignment: Weekend Assignment #160: Suggest Your Own Weekend Assignment!

My Assignment is take an image of your local weather...mine is SNOW.
I know everyone is tired of my snow images is snowing again!!!! I am also tired of the snow but this group of images I took were really pretty. I hiked in a foot snow on the golf course to take the pictures and taken in the beauty. Then I had to returned home to real life and SHOVELED. (Bob this group of images were from last week's snow, not this weeks, he did all the shoveling yesterday.)


rbrown6172 said...

looks like winter to me!!  lol  they are beautiful. :)

cmishvicki said...

This is what you saw when you hiked before we met up in Boston? Wow, I had no idea! Beautiful, really beautiful!

radar446 said...

You get more snow in the spring than we get in the winter....not fair!


mariebm56 said...

These are beautiful, I'm NEVER tired of snow pics.  I hardly got any this year.  
I wonder if you'll get more snow this weekend....Ü
I know we are expecting a severe storm on Sunday.

plittle said...

Great pictures.

stupidsheetguy said...

I'm definitely not tired of the snow images. I'll bet it'll come in handy to have this entry to refer to when we all talk about the Winter That Never Friggin Ended!


PS the images are pretty, by the way!

gotomaria said...

Hi, Betty! I love your snow pictures!  These are really nice and capture the peacefulness quite well.    I checked out your Flickr site too and you have some great pictures up there.   Some really nice photography.   Keep it was cool how you could click on the photo and the other site opened up.  I have some photos of the snow too at this rock you has two songs ...  THanks for the enjoyment..Maria