Tuesday, April 24, 2007

NJ Trip, Last Weekend

Last weekend we headed down to NJ for our granddaughter Toni's First Holy Communion. A beautiful day and ceremony.

Naturally while there I took a few images. The birds were taken at the hotel's pond. The Tapenezee's Bridge spanning over the Hudson River. What is very unusual, hardly any traffic, we lucked out!!


nhd106 said...

Very nice pics...always grab a photo opportunity!


cmishvicki said...

Betty, you had a beautiful weekend to drive down here...glad you had such a great trip. Thanks for sharing the photos--you're right, I've NEVER seen the Tappanzee Bridge so empty!

radar446 said...

Very nice shots...I really like the bridge.


mtrib2 said...

Hello Betty!    I am sorry it has been so long since I have visited.    I had to reduce my mailbox and shut off my alerts and have just been visiting when I can.     I enjoy all the photos.     The span of the bridge is caught at an interesting point of view.    All of the swan and duck photos' have great reflection's.    I like seeing the winter shoreline of the reeds as I study them for when I get around to working on my acrylic painting of the 'little lake' near my home.    I have become very interesting in working on pen and ink at the moment as that is what I am best at.      I will visit again soon.      mark

rbrown6172 said...

ohhh....i love these!!  great job!

mariebm56 said...

I live 15 minutes from the Tappen Zee Bridge!!  You could have at least waved!!!
Ü  That was real unusual for the TZB...no traffic!  
Lovely pics~