Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Tin Man Entry

Do you remember I posted an entry about a Tin Man on riding lawn mower a few months ago?  Look What I Found  Well I heard from the owner's brother Corey, who located my image on Flickr. Whata small world!!!

Check out Corey's link devoted to the Tinman 

fitzinnh says:
Very nice pic. My brother made that Tinman. Yes he is very clever and has a good sense of humor. I made a myspace account for the Tinman so people could post there pics and comments. I also thought it would be pretty funny. Would be nice to see yours on there.
Have a nice day and keep on takin sweet pics.


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radar446 said...

I sure do remember this picture, I laughed when I saw it.  That is very cool that the owner's brother found you.  That is the really nice thing about the internet, everything is just a couple of keystrokes away.  I might have to go and check out the myspace with this guy.  I'm sure there are lots of people that have commented on this tin man.