Friday, March 02, 2007

China Ranch Date Farm, Tecopa, CA

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We settle in as best we could at Tecopa Hot Springs Resort our day (quite a funny story about the place, it needed a little work..OK more than a little but the hot spring were wonderful. We will never forget our stay there.)

CamraJoky, Tom arrived earlier and scoped out area, suggested we take a short ride before dark to China Ranch Date Farm....I am so glad he did, the scenery was spectacular, to go along with excellent lightings that time of day, along with a beautiful drive to the place. The dates were delicious.

NOTE:  I have been asked about shooting in the raw format.  I am new using the format but have asked for help, enable me to post information. Stay tuned.


nhd106 said...

These are wonderful...such a nice feel to them.


radar446 said...

Those are so alien to me, as I don't have anything close to that to see around here.   It looks so beautiful there.  Keep the shots coming, I'll live vicariously through your photographs till I can get out there.

RAW is a lossless format that records just the raw data that the sensor records.  That allows changes to be made to the file such as exposure, white balance, contrast, curves, and so on.  There is more control when shooting raw because the settings that are selected on the camera are not the only settings that are recorded.  This is probably the best format for those that like to get in and really manipulate the image after the fact.  It is not for me, but RAW is the way to go based on the majority vote.


mariebm56 said...

These are ALL wonderful images.   Love the shack & car especially!!
You must have had a great time.

rbrown6172 said...

beautiful mountains....great pics.  i know you had a wonderful time!  :)