Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Winter Scenery

FINALLY we had a snow fall, about 5 inches, enough to showcase winter scenery in NH.  I bought polarizer for my lens....using the filter for the first time and I could see the difference when taking my snow images.


nhd106 said...

So done good!


mariebm56 said...

I've been looking into polarized filters for my sigma lens too, but I am looking online,I am also looking to buy ND filter.
Have an good sites??

pharmolo said...

Very pretty, Betty

radar446 said...

Yep, the polarizer will serve you well.  I really like the second shot with the way the tree is cuddling the clouds over the distant mountain.  The blues in the skies are wonderful.


mtrib2 said...

The polorized lens was a good investment.    The task with snow is the balance of the intense white areas with gray shadows and dark shadows.     The fence railing and everything is working so well in all the photos.    mark  

mamegirl said...

Betty, These are spectacular !!  Composition, color, and clarity!  I'll be looking to see more pictures using your filter - sure does make a difference, huh?  These are about the best you've done.  Maybe next winter I'll be up north and can do some snow pictures -- then I'll have to get the filter, too!       -Mame-

nightmaremom said...

I love them!!!!   Are you sure you didn't add the snow for attention?  LMAO
love ya lady

rbrown6172 said...

i love all of them!  they are beautiful.