Monday, February 05, 2007

Greg Asks Who Inspires You?

Greg posted in his journal a question who Asks Who Inspires You?

The person who has really inspires, challenges me over the years is my mentor and good friend Flatland Photo, Charles Loy. Be sure to check out his People section of his site, my favorite.

He has always taken his time to teach, explain, offer his expertise, offering me 100% honest critique.  At times his comments have been very rough but I know his honesty is what inspires and challenges me to improve. I really appreciate his help. Thank you, Charlie.

Of course my family, children and grandchildren are a major contribution.

Others who have inspired me are a close friend
, Marie, Greg and the wonderful people who read and post in my journal.  I will share with you in the future, others who have inspired me.   


reblnva said...

I'm flattered that I inspire you Betty, but you so often inspire me also!! Thank you my friend :)


rbrown6172 said...

great links!  i'm familiar with and fan of greg and marie, and just checked out charles and rebecca....absolutely stunning work!

radar446 said...

Ahh yes, Charles Loy...and Rebecca Raybon, you introduced me to both of their works before.  They are quite talented.  Marie, I've known for a while, and she is also very talented.  I am honored to be counted among these folks.  I think we all inspire each other to become better at our craft.  That is one thing that I can say about photography.  With very few exceptions, each and every photographer is willing to share ideas and help another photog out.  There are not that many other things in life where competition is thrown out the window for the sake of improving.


mariebm56 said...

Betty, I am so flattered & honored to be included in such a wonderful group of people.  I am glad you have such a great friend, like Charles, you can learn so much from him.  I like his style.  It's nice when professionals take the time to help other's in the craft.
I love your work, Betty, look forward to viewing more of NH!!!