Thursday, December 07, 2006

More Birds

Winter Image (Finch lose their bright color in the winter in NH) of the Golden Finch - Female

Winter Image of the Golden Finch - Male

White Breasted Nuthatcher

Sorry I have not been adding entries to my journal....a little under the weather, cold and flu.

I did manage to take a couple more photos of birds. I hope I am not boring you with my bird images but I am having a great using the new lens!!!


flatlandphoto said...

All nice photos, 2 and 3 being the better images. Keep shooting.

cedarsonny said...

Repetition makes for perfection.  In upholstery school, after learning how to sew, beginning students make the different kinds of pillows, and many of each, to perfect the techniques.  One gets sick of making pillows, but in the end, we know how to make a good pillow.  

Here in La., we don't necessarily have the same birds as you have, so it's nice to see other birds.  Keep shooting and posting.

cedarsonny said...

Oh, and get well, soon, Betty.

mtrib2 said...

I have been under the weather myself.    Hope you are feeling better also.   The focal length shows great detail and mid tone without glares or deep shadow.   I did not know the golden finch looked like that so this is a new identification for me.     Each photo shows something more of the characteristic even if partially behind the feeder.     Great shots!    mark

cmishvicki said...

Betty...looks like I need to get my bird feeder up and running again. I'm surprised there are so many birds out in the cold...but then this is the first time I've really been home to see them. I love the 3rd photo--that pudgy little bird is great! Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos.

mariebm56 said...

I love the bottom 2, shows alot of detail in the bird.  All have nice blurred backgrounds, which make the birds stand out and gives all your attention to your subject.
Great job Grasshopper~  ; )
I hope you feel better soon.  I feel under the weather too.  ; (

nhd106 said...

Wonderful bird shots....really.


mamegirl said...

You're not boring me with birds at all, Betty!  I love birds.  And with that new lens you've certainly captured them beautifully.  I wish I could have one of those lenses!  So, keep the birds coming -- and get well soon, too, so you can get out there in that cold and "shoot" them!!  LOL!         -Mame-

radar446 said...

Sorry you are not feeling well.  I hope whatever has you under the weather runs it's course quickly.  Of course, being a photographer myself, I can see how things really are.  You got the new long lens and you needed an excuse to sit at home and use it.  

"I dont' feel well, I'll have to stay home from work, and can't do any house work.  All I can do is sit here on the porch and watch the birds.  Might as well pull that piece of glass out so I can see them better.  Might as well fire off a few frames since I have the equipment out."

Am I close??  Hope you feel better


stupidsheetguy said...

Nahh, not boring at all. So kind of those birds to pose so nicely :) Nice camera work!


PS Feel better!

rbrown6172 said...

nope! not boring at all.  i love em.  the last 2 are my favorite.  good job!  :)  hope you're feeling better soon.

pharmolo said...

Get better soon, Betty. Great bird pictures, quite fascinating :-)

cftyork said...

 WOW Betty, you sure are having fun with your photos

Keep up the good work, and hope you are felling beter.