Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Gateway to the Past - Color - Autochrome - Sepia - Black and White

Yesterday's post , Marie of Photographs & Memories Journal and Vicki challenge me to post photos my gate photos in color, sepia and autochrome.
I love when my readers challenge me and come up with suggestions....thank you :).

Vote for your favorite :).

Black and White


Autochrome (What is Autochrome? Autochrome - Color Process Effect - Photoshop Tutorial ) Vicki is taking a photography class and came up with the suggestion.



cedarsonny said...

Yesterday I had commented on salvaging the gate and support posts.  Later in the day, I thought on the memory of my grandfather's old home site and such.  

This scene may just as well provide memories for someone else, who once lived there or had been intimately associated with the home.  And the gate is an intergral part of that past and present scene.  Removing it would remove an important part of that.  However, as my grandfather's homesite has changed, so has that past been removed, and not until a view, as this one, comes along, do I reflect on that long ago past.  Removing the gate and applying it to a similar use would continue to provide memories and continue a new "life of its own", and not become a past relic or memory...and possibly become lost forever.  

I can visualize this gate being used, today, as an entrance into someone's wild flower garden, hence, preserving the memory and continuing to have a life of its own. Salvaging the gate would be advantageous, after all.

I like the B&W pic, but the color pic "shows" there's still life in the gate.  I vote for the color pic.

radar446 said...

I think I would go for the color out of these.  The B&W would be a close runner up.  The other two don't really do that much for me.  I would almost rather see a portrait composition rather than the landscape choice if a change were to be made.


cmishvicki said...

Betty, I knew that replicating the look of an old autochrome photo would work for this. I may be a bit biased (since I came up with the suggestion) but that one gets my vote. :)

nhd106 said...

I say Color or Autochrome


stupidsheetguy said...

Nice work :)

mamegirl said...

First of all, Betty, I really have to agree with "Cedar" regarding preserving the gate.  Imagine walking around and suddenly coming upon that gate - what wonders lie in its being there -- what mystique!  As for the which is best, I have to say the sepia as it seems to bring that oldness to the picture.  As always, beautiful!

libragem007 said...

I vote for Black & White :-)
Gem :-)

mariebm56 said...

No, I changed my mind...; )
I think I like the color ones....
Oh HECK.... I like them all.

lastregaangel said...

"merry christmas" sunshine lady!-------i really like the sepia---great photo.

jonibooks1991 said...

I love your pictures, very interesting.  I like taking pictures of old stuff and anything different.  I want to do more of it next year.  Joni

mtrib2 said...

I like the ( first ) autochrome, B/W, Sepia, and the color.    The subject and compostion are very well done.    mark