Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Why I started My Journal-Loon Preservation Center Photos

Greg posted in his journal why he started his Photo Trek journal. His post started me thinking, why I did started my Journal?

I started my first journal
Home Life: Decorating, Entertaining, Home Improvements and Organization Photoblog ( I had to recreated with AOL retired their Community Leaders). when I was hosting for AOL's Home area to promote our area, our chats and share my information and pictures related to home. Because my Home Life journal was associated with AOL, I keep the journal for my "work" for AOL. But wanted to join in the fun and challenges John's By The Way.... sent out weekly. I decide I could join the fun creating my personal journal My Day, My Interests PhotoBlog.

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About Four Forty-Six Photography

A friend I met in our photo community was visiting her Mother who recently moved to NH. We went out two days photo shooting. Our weather was not great but we had a wonderful time and managed to take a few decent pictures, no wildlife or birds.

My photos were taken at the
Loon Preservation Committee Moultonborough, New Hampshire

Carpet of Moss

We cross a few steams like this one

Assorted Mosses on Rock

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