Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Back Roads Discovery: South Weare, NH, Old Garages

Riding back roads last weekend I rediscovered old garages located in South Weare, NH. Last year, I took images of the garages during the winter and red garages among the snow piles really showed up....hard to photograph. 

I have mentioned before in my previous entries, if possible I will try to research my finds of old buildings, homes and abandon barns.  I really enjoy  researching and learning about photos taken, as much as photographing my images.

What you are looking at is a building that was part of the South Weare Garage, a former Ford dealership. The main building was the brick building on the corner. It eventually moved to Goffstown and changed hands and is now Unique Ford located near the police station across from the Hillsborough County Complex on Rt. 114 in Goffstown. South Weare garage was started by Maurice Grant in 1919 and his brother Leon eventually took over and Maurice went on to take ownership of State Motors in Manchester. The last I knew the Grant family is still involved in State Motors.

I was very fortunate, John Colburn associated with Weare Historical Society wrote back with the above information. Thank John!!!


Candace said...

You have a great eye for good photo opportunities. These garage doors are fantastic. Nice job!

Betty said...

Thankyou ...I love my back roads photograhy and researching!!!

Rose said...

Beautiful photos the colours are superb!

TJIC said...

Those garages are quote something, aren't they? I first saw them a year ago when I was house hunting in the area, and they jumped right out at me. Its strange that there are/old wrecks mpulderimg in there, under the collapsed roof.

Edward Fielding said...

I like your take on the old garage. I found a YouTube video of the same place and might take a ride over this afternoon. http://www.dogfordstudios.com