Sunday, April 10, 2011

Meredith April's Sunday Surprise. Scuba Divers

Bob and I were out today and hated returning home because the weather was so beautiful.  We took a ride to Meredith, walked the boardwalk and sat looking at the beautiful scenery, taking in the sun.  We were NOT alone quite few people were out. 

Arriving I started spotting photo opts but as luck would have it, shame on me, I left my photo equipment home. I purchase a Canon G11 point and shoot to carry with me at all times like today. 

We noticed two men parking and getting out gear from their truck...scuba diving equipment.  April's Lake Winnipesaukee the men mentioned was 45 degrees, still quite few areas on the  have ice.  Wayne Philibert and Stu May were kind to allow me to take photos and as you can see they were more than willing to educate me and the youngsters.

They explored the underneath part of  frozen ice. I have to stress I watch Stu and Wayne setting up and safety was a prime concern...they know what they are doing. 

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