Sunday, February 06, 2011

My Moose Experience

My readers know how much I love moose and my on going search for years trying to photograph. I have a few successful attempts My Dream Came True, I Found MOOSE - bpdphotos' Photos Honestly I feel the moose hide from me :(.

Bob and I were our riding back roads before our next snow storm yesterday. All of sudden Bob shouts "MOOSE"!!!! I was so excited but quickly realize my long lenses was in my camera time to change lens.

I took a distance picture. Waited and waited no movement. Bob said "I don't think this is real moose." Becoming extremely emotional, I said "it is hold and wait." We waited and waited, no movement. Bob said,"Betty do you see tracks in the snow?"I didn't. Finally after almost 10 minutes I had to admit again he was right!!!! We both started laughing and left.

I would like to know who the person is that fake me out???? I am sure they might have been watching out the window laughing!!!! I would like to think I was not the first who thought this moose was real.

From now on I am going to rely on

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Rose said...

Never mind Betty - next time - he will stand before you in all his magnificence and you will have to find another illusive goal (when you have tired of taking pictures of moose). Just keep those lenses handy!