Monday, November 08, 2010

Blue Hue Mountains, New Hampshire

Bob and I went our Saturday drive. Fall foliage is gone, I really was not expecting to fine anything to photograph. I mentioned to Bob this time of year, morning mist, magic hour, sunrises or sunset, non-existent wildlife, might be the only interesting photography I will find until the snow falls.

I was wrong!!! I notice in the distance a range of mountains viewed from Route 175, Campton, Woodstock, North Woodstock had a blue tinge. We drove around looking for a spot for me to take photos of the blue toned mountains.

I posted a photo on Facebook and question what causes this event...surrounding mountains did not have this hue. I have mentioned before, an added enrichment to my photography, the research and learning about photos I take.

I received two reply's from two very talented photographers:

Jim Salge Short answer...diffraction...

Nigel Peter Benson Kent It's UV light Betty...casts blue on distant scenes. Some filters can reduce that...ever try a UV filter? Sometimes the blue cast is from UV, other times it's from moisture haze...sometimes it's from the simple fact that the camera is a long way from the scene and no filter will cut to the true colors. I like blue thumbs up!


sunflowerkat321 said...

The colors in these photos are so intense, did you use a polarizing filter?

They're just beautiful! I especially like your perspective on the first one.


Betty said...

Thank you Kat...I do use a polarizing filter.

Rose said...

Absolutely stunning photos Betty :)