Sunday, October 31, 2010

Have You Ever Heard Of Tamarack Trees?

A friend of mine Brad located Tamarack Trees not to far from where I live. Tamarack trees are also know as Western Larch. In the fall the trees turn a golden yellow and are the only conifer to drop their needles. You will find growing ponds and bog areas.

Another friend mentioned Tamarack Trees was used by our native Americans for making canoes, tepee poles and was used to treat for medicinal use.

After Brad mentioned his finding, I decided to go searching for the trees. I realized had I seen the golden trees, I thought they were dying and would never had photographed, I am very glad Brad educated me. I enjoyed the fun of learning and finding beautiful Tamarack Trees in their golden fall tones.


Just Bill said...

Betty, good to see you back posting your wonderful pictures. They are always great.
I had missed you. Hope you are well and happy and going to vote on Tuesday.
Happy Halloween

Betty said...

Bill how wonderful to hear from you. I am fine just a very busy summer traveling. What have you been up to?

Happy Halloween back to you!!!