Wednesday, February 17, 2010

MT. Washington Hotel and Presidential Mountain Range

My weekend photo's shoot included MT. Washington's beautiful hotel and the Presidential Mountain Range in the background. I posted my images on Flickr, naming the mountain in the back ground incorrectly, I thought it was the White Mountain but instead are the MTS. Adams and Jefferson.
A Flickr friend Debbe (I am a big fan of her photography) sent me an email, nicely corrected me, which I really appreciated. Debbe mentioned the range of mountains are called the Presidential Mountain Range. Scan down on the site and you will see an image of the range naming the summits.
Lesson learned: I realized in the future I need to research my information before posting. Thanks again Debbe!!!


Linda :) said...

Very majestic photos! :)

Light and Voices said...

Joyce M

Anonymous said...

We love going up here in the autumn... stunning.