Wednesday, December 31, 2008

More Golden Finch, Blue Jay and Dark Eyed Junco

Today again my feeders were full of hungry birds during a small snow storm.
I have a great view point, full glassed exterior door on my three season porch allowing me to shoot from the indoors. (Not too much else to shoot, it has been so darn cold.)


Linda :) said...

Wow they are all so pretty!!

ADM DESIGN'S said...

Great photos

mtrib2 said...

What beautiful detail and color of the birds. The frozen atmosphere is captured beautifully. I throw my bird feed on the ground and the grey squirrel's also feed on the corn mix. I owe them for the many years as a signpainter using grey squirrel hair brushes. Before the computer graphic age, grey squirrel hair on the world market was becoming stressed. Now aday's, everything is computer vinyl lettering, and synthetic brushes are available for hand lettering. Our 'One Shot' paint contains lead also, and no longer is available in quanity like it was. Without the lead, making signs was considered to be less than desired. mark and salty