Sunday, November 09, 2008

Bear Brook State Park, Allentown, NH, Moving Water

It was an overcast, drizzling day, the sun tried hard to come out but never succeeded. My friend Bruce, a talented photographer and I decided to go shooting, he sure knows the places to go. We met at Bear Brook State Park to take pictures of moving water.
Please click on my site, to see all of the day's images..... bpdphotos : photos : Moving Water Shots at Bear Brook State Park, NH- powered by SmugMug


Indigo said...

Now there is a visit to Serenity! My favorite is the middle one. You captured the moving water wonderfully. (Hugs)Indigo

gina said...

these are wonderful.

Cindy said...

So pretty. I like the first and second ones. Wouldn't I love to sit there a while in the peace and quiet!

Nancy said...

One word: